Moto Jacket Pattern Blog Tour

Wooohooo, today I get to be on the Jennuine Designs Moto Jacket Pattern Blog Tour! The Moto Jacket Pattern is the first of Jennifer’s patterns that I haven’t been able to test, as it was in testing right after I had Noah, so I was super excited to sign up for her blog tour! I just love Jennifer’s patterns… they are so unique and she really works hard to make sure they are completely flawless, down to every little detail! The Moto Jacket Pattern is no different…I just love how uniquely stylish it is, and the pattern really is perfect! Ok, enough gushing. I made a size 5 jacket for Henry, as I was in the mood to sew something for one of the boys and Henry needs a jacket for fall.


The pattern calls for a woven bodice with knit sleeves, but I used a heavy-weight sweatshirt fleece from Girl Charlee with little to no stretch for the bodice and sleeves and black ribbing from JoAnn’s for the collar and welts to give it more of a sweatshirt kinda feel. I was a little worried that the sleeves would be tight, given the lack of stretch of the fleece (and I lined them as well), but the fit is perfect! I did lengthen the jacket by about 2″, as I thought he would like the jacket a little longer than the pattern intended, but then in the end, I forgot to cut out the bottom facing piece, so I improvised and just folded the outer piece up an inch and omitted the facing. So Henry’s jacket is only about an inch longer than the pattern intends. I also added a little square of Velcro on the bottom right where the overlap of the front starts, just to keep the bottom layer from poking out.


Here’s a picture of the inside… this jacket is beautifully finished on the inside. As mentioned above, I lined the sleeves in addition to the bodice.


Other than that, I sewed the pattern completely as-is and I’m really loving the result!


Henry loves the pockets and I love the look of the welt pockets.


I used a bright green zipper… yeah yeah, black and white stripes and colorful zippers are worn a lot in this house ;-). Jennifer even has a really helpful video on her blog about how to shorten a zipper, which came in very handy… since it involves tools (which I don’t get along very well with), I asked my husband to shorten the zipper for me and he did some amazing work there!


Warning: complete picture overload…





Be sure to check out the other amazing Moto Jackets on tour and head over to the Jennuine Design Site to pick up your pattern… she is offering a discount on all of her patterns this week in celebration of the pattern tour and she is also having a giveaway with some awesome prizes!

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16 thoughts on “Moto Jacket Pattern Blog Tour

  1. That stripe matching is fantastic! 🙂 I love that green with the black and white, probably my favourite colour to pair with b&w (besides pink).

  2. This is a beautiful jacket, my question is: in the pattern pictures of the jacket the zipper is off to the right side but the actual jacket has the zipper off to the left side. Does the pattern allow for either side for the zipper?

      1. Thanks so much one last question did you use half inch stripes or 1 inch stripes from the picture it looks like half inch but I can’t really be sure I want to try to make this for my niece and nephew.

        Thanks again

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