Denim Hide and Seek Dress


Eek, I have made so many things lately, but haven’t had time to blog about them. I actually started this particular Oliver and S Hide and Seek Dress at the end of last summer for Lucy for last fall, but I tried it on her and she was swimming in it… it was especially big in length, so I had intended on shortening it, but then I cleaned up my sewing area, put it away and forgot about it. I pulled it back out a couple months ago and finished it (didn’t have to shorten it any) and it fits perfectly!!! This is the size 2 with no modifications. I really love Oliver and S patterns (have I mentioned that before?! lol). I really trust them to fit together properly, and end up looking neat and nice and not too homemade! I have sewn A LOT of patterns that are just awful… like pieces don’t fit together, hood is the wrong size, sleeves are funky, etc. I have recently given up on buying patterns from designers I don’t know and trust…I have pretty much been sticking to designers I trust. I think I give off the impression that I really like all the patterns I sew, but that’s definitely not the case… honestly, I only blog about the ones I like. I can’t bring myself to say bad things about PDF patterns that are made by work-at-home moms who are in a lot of the same Facebook groups as me and who seem like nice hard-working people. I know that’s a fault of mine and my blog because I love reading detailed reviews of patterns… and negative reviews are especially helpful sometimes. Anyways, I love Oliver and S patterns… I don’t care that they are expensive or that you have to buy two split size ranges for each pattern… I would much rather pay $16 for a few sizes of a pattern that I know will turn out looking really nice than have to mess with pattern pieces not fitting together (seriously this happens a lot) or sloppy construction methods or mis-shapen sleeves/hoods, etc.

Ok, back to this pattern…


I love the options for color-blocking and fabric mixing in this pattern! And, like all O&S patterns, it was cleverly and beautifully constructed and therefore very fun to sew despite running big. This is a dress that gets a lot of wear, although would get more if it were pink!!! And a bunch more pictures…








2 thoughts on “Denim Hide and Seek Dress

  1. lovely dress! I especially like the color blocking in the back. I hadnt noticed that option on the pattern until I see how you have constructed the dress here – very nice! I need to pull this pattern out for my girlie.

    and thank you for sharing your comments about working with trusted pattern designers. I find myself working with a selected set of patterns as well. Oliver & S patterns are definitely on that list. With each of their patterns, I know that I am practicing good solid techniques. and the garment will fit and look good.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I still try a new pattern designer here and there, but I have been disappointed with so many patterns that I find myself sticking to just a few designers!

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