Crop Top and Skirt

I was lucky enough to get picked as a tester for Mingo and Grace’s new pattern, The MG2715 Crop Top and Skirt Set. It released a couple weeks ago, but I am of course behind on blogging! This pattern, like all Mingo and Grace’s patterns, is a very hip/trendy style… at first, I thought maybe it was too stylish for miss Lucy, but I actually really really like the style now and I think Lucy pulls it off quite nicely 😉 I made 2 sets (2 tops, 2 skirts), one with the first tester version of the pattern and one with the final pattern. I really like both. The pattern has a few different options, including no, short, or 3/4 sleeves for the top and full elastic waistband or flat front waistband with elastic back for the skirt. The skirt also has in-seam pockets!!! woohoo… my girl likes pockets!

Lucy’s chest measurement was between a size 2 and 3, so I went with the size 2 for my first tester version of the top with the 3/4 sleeves. I used sweatshirt fleece with NO stretch from JoAnn’s and I Appliqued a flamingo on the front using a free pattern from Sew Magazine. For the skirt, I sewed a size 3 with an elastic waistband.





For my second set, I sewed the size 3 top and skirt… The top is boxier in the bigger size, which is more the intent of the pattern, I think. I used red linen for the top and a rayon/linen blend for the skirt with a teal linen waistband. I cut the top a little longer and fringed it up to the intended length (so I cut an inch longer and fringed 2 inches). For the fringe, I just pulled the horizontal strings out one at a time, then separated into little sections and tied a knot in each little section. I actually cut the pieces before I did the fringe, but in hindsight it might have been easier and turned out more even if I had fringed the fabric before cutting. I like the way the fringe looks, even if it’s not completely even. I also used a bigger size pocket with a smaller seam allowance (we like big pockets)., but in some of the pics you can see the pocket sticking out the bottom a little. Perhaps I overdid the size of the pocket, but that’s totally my fault, not the pattern’s.






2 thoughts on “Crop Top and Skirt

  1. How can anything be too stylish for Miss Lucy!!! 🙂 She is absolutely adorable and that first flamingo and flower outfit is just PERFECTION!!! Love love love!!!!

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