Fall Jumper


I love Kid’s Clothes Week, and I love to browse all the beautiful things other people make and it’s a good kick in the pants to get some of my sewing projects done as well. However, we happen to be outta town this week away from my sewing projects, so I can’t get any sewing projects done, but I am super behind on blogging, so I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on blogging a bit!

kid's clothes week

I made this purple jumper for Lucy a few weeks ago using the Estherlyn’s Jumper Pattern by MCM Studio Designs, which I previously made and blogged about here. This time I used purple French terry fabric, cut the shoulders in a bit, and I doubled the width of the skirt piece to add some gathering. I also shortened it to more of a tunic length. This is a simple little jumper pattern with a ton of possibilities! I really like it!


And I know you are wondering about the jeans too, cause they are pretty much the most fabulous thing ever! My mom makes a pair of these for Lucy every time she grows out of the last… they are her specialty! She uses the Farbenmix Dortje Pattern, but modifies them to be tiered. She also sews them together wrong side to wrong side instead of right side to right side and then top-stitches the seam allowance down close to the edge so that the denim frays at the edge of the seam. For the hem, she hems them then uses a ripper to rip through the bottom of the hem. I think they are just the cutest thing ever!!


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