This weekend I tested the Bartowski Slim Tie Pattern by Paraplu Patterns. It was a super quick test and a super quick/easy thing to make. I signed up to test because Sam has been really wanting a real tie lately (he had a clip-on one that was way too small for him, but Lucy broke it a couple weeks ago and he was devastated. I (of course) made 2…one for each of my bigger boys. I am totally tempted to make a little one for Noah too! Anyways, it’s a really solid little tie pattern with nice, easy to follow directions and a bunch of sizes to get a really custom fit. I made the size 46″ for Henry and the 50″ for Sam. I originally made the 46″ for Sam, but I decided Sam’s could be bigger (so he can wear it as he grows), so I made the second one in the 50″ size and gave the 46″ to Henry. They are so stinking handsome in their ties!! Also, the pattern is 15% off this week with the code PARAPLUGRANDOPENING.






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