1st Japanese Sewing Week Blog Tour


Hello and welcome! I am one of the last stops on the 1st Japanese Sewing Week Blog Tour, organized and hosted by the fabulous Sara of Made by Sara! This tour is all about sewing patterns from Japanese sewing pattern books. If you want to join the fun, there is a Link party going on over at Sara’s blog and you can link up your creation(s) from a Japanese sewing pattern for a chance to win some awesome prizes. There is also a rafflecopter giveaway going on over there for some more fabulous prizes.

I signed up for this tour because I have been admiring all the things people make with Japanese sewing patterns for a long time, but I have never taken the time to buy a book for myself and try one. So I knew the accountability associated with a blog tour would give me the motivation and inspiration I needed! And I had SO MUCH FUN with this one! I ended up buying just two books, both of which are in English, so I didn’t dive in the deep end or anything ;-). I’m super excited about diving in the deep end, though!!! 😉

The two books I used for Lucy’s little outfit were Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids by Akiko Mano and Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids by Ruriko Yamada.


First I made the Coat Dress from Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids


For this little jacket/dress, I used some kind of weird plaid suiting fabric that I bought a long time ago. I really loved sewing this. The instructions were awesome in my opinion… short, but very clear and even gave details that some PDF patterns leave out, like a step in the beginning for which seams to serge before sewing and then iron flat and which seams to serge together and iron to the side. Also they had a little pleating diagram so I knew exactly which way to make the pleats… all this and the instructions were only 1 or 2 pages!



And the back…


I also made Lucy a pair of wide-leg trousers from Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids. Lucy’s drawers are filled with leggings, and as much as I love leggings, she really seems to prefer looser pants with side pockets. So, I have been wanting to make her some comfy wide-leg pants with side pockets. I chose to make these in just plain denim because I know she’ll get a lot of wear out of them this way!


These were a pleasure to sew as well and also had very easy to follow directions! I definitely think this pattern is going to get a lot of use! The book also has an option to cut these pants shorter for knee-length shorts or cuffed shorts and another pattern for wide-leg shorts. I’m definitely planning to use these patterns for shorts for the boys as well as Lucy this summer!



I love the simple details that are options with these pants… the patterns in this book are so interchangeable… there is a line to cut if you want a separate waistband or if you want a fold-over waistband, you can add a faux fly or not, front pockets, back pockets, no pockets… can you tell I’m super excited about this pattern?!

I took a few extra pictures of these pants the next time Lucy wore them… with a shirt from Carter’s that’s one of her faves…ha, no I don’t make all of her clothes 🙂


Ok, just a few more pics of both the jacket and pants together… wow, picture overload here…




Ok, Ok, I’ll stop!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the tour and link-up your own creations!

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