Women’s Blake Dress


Happy Black Friday! Since it’s a holiday weekend and since this pattern is fabulous and everyone needs to get it, I’ll keep this post short 😉. I tested the Mingo & Grace MG2716 (Women’s version of the Blake Dress aka Lady B dress) last week and it’s the nicest-fitting dress I have ever owned! The dress has several options, including a regular back or racer-back, a separate bodice with sleeves, and either a pleated or gathered skirt.

I used a fabric with a little bit of stretch (although that’s not required) and the one alteration I did was a FBA, which was necessary for my body shape. I have never made a fitted dress for myself and therefore I have never done a FBA, so I followed these 2 tutorials (which basically are the same method, but I needed as much help as I could get to get it just right)… here and here. I chose my size based on my upper bust measurement, which fell in size 8, but graded out to my waist measurement of size 12…then I did the 1″ FBA on that bodice using the placement of the darts from the size 12. It’s important to keep the darts in the same place when doing the pleated version, in order to keep the pleats lined up correctly.




You know what else?!!! Mingo & Grace is giving this pattern FREE on Cyber Monday if you sign up for their newsletter before Sunday, November 29, 2015 @11:59 pm EST! FREE!!!! Can you believe it??!? Go now!!


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