Wild Things Coat


The Wild Things Coat Pattern was just released by Big Little and Wow! It is quite an amazing pattern! It includes a wonderful base coat pattern in sizes 1-14 years and pattern pieces/detailed instructions for 14 animals!!!

I chose to make a bear coat in size 1 for my big 8 month old and I love it so much!



I used  denim for the Outer and quilted the pieces to a layer of batting to make it warmer and flannel for the lining.  For the quilting, I followed this awesome tutorial , which walks you through it completely and is perfect for someone who has never quilted a coat before (ME!).  The coat is fully lined.



The coat is designed to run large and long with sleeves that are long and can be cuffed, with the idea that the child will be able to wear it 2 years!  That is completely brilliant, but since I was making it for a baby who can’t walk, I thought it would be impractical for the coat to be too long.  Therefore, I shortened both the coat as well as the sleeve by about two inches.









Anxious to start your own version? Visit the Big Little Pattern shop and purchase your pattern during the launch sale with a 30% discount for only $8.40 (regular price $12) until Sunday.

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