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Sewing For Kindergarten


I am so honored to be a part of the Sewing For Kindergarten Tour over at Sewing Like Mad. Sewing Like Mad has been one of my favorite blogs since I first started reading sewing blogs!   I LOVE Mie’s unique style and her sewing is just impeccable!   Every year I have followed her Sewing For Kindergarten and been in awe of all the amazing participants…so I was just so excited when she asked me!  Today I am showing off my middle boy, Henry…he doesn’t get a lot of sewing attention, so this was a fun change of pace

As part of the tour, Mie gave us a few questions to answer, so here are those and my answers…

(1)  Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten? If not, which number child is this?

Henry is my second that I’m sending off to Kindergarten…Sam is 2 years older than Henry…Here is a comparison of their faces as they rode off on the bus on their first day of Kindergarten (Sam 2 years ago compared to Henry this year).  I guess having a big brother paving the way makes life a bit easier…lol


(2) Do you feel like crying or celebrating? And what about your child?

I’m super excited about Henry going to Kindergarten and (as you can see) so is he!  He has been wanting to get on that bus since the first time Sam got to!  I feel like celebrating summer being over (school started a month ago here)…I love Summer and I really love getting to have the kids home and swim and go to the park and all the fun stuff that goes along with summer, but we were all getting tired of spending every minute with each other and we had had too many lazy days and were ready to get back into the routine of school.  I know we’ll be ready for a break by the time Winter Break starts, though!

(3) What kind of school does your child attend? (Public, charter, private or homeschool)

He goes to public school

(4) Question to your kindergartner: What have been the best and the worst part so far?

The best part: Recess and getting chocolate milk everyday.

The worst part: I don’t know, there is no worst part.

Now back to the outfit…I had big plans to make multiple outfits, but I only got one finished!  Henry is a bit more picky than Lucy, surprisingly, but when I let him choose the details, he really ends up loving and wearing the clothes I do make him.

So when I asked him to pick out some fabric for pants, he chose bright red twill.  I chose the fabric for the t-shirt (a really nice hemp/organic cotton jersey that I bought at a local store), but I let him pick the color for the top-stitching (I thought it might be cute to pick a different color) and he chose red again.


For the shirt, I made The Rowan Tee Pattern by Titchy Threads in a size 6 because Titchy Threads is one of the pattern designers I trust the most and I really wanted the shirt to fit nicely on the first try 😉


And it does fit PERFECTLY!  I bought the Rowan Tee over a year ago, and this is the first time I have made it, but I’m so blown away at how much I love it and how easy it was to make!  The pattern comes with tons of options (shoulder stripes, hood, banded hem, long-sleeves/short sleeves, a few pocket choices), but I chose just the most basic short sleeve option.  I added red contrasting top-stitching detail using my cover-stitch machine with 3 needles and stitching on the back so the back of the stitching shows up on the front (which is the opposite of how I would normally do it).  I love my cover-stitch machine…it really does make sewing with knits a lot easier and I love the fun top-stitching abilities it has!


For the pants, I chose to make the Art Museum Trousers by Oliver and S because I knew they would fit him nice (I made him a pair last fall that still fit him) and I love all the classic details…welt pockets, front slash pockets, belt loops, and a faux fly with a flat front between the front two belt loops.  I made the size 6 and left them a bit too long so they will fit him for awhile!










Thanks for stopping by!  Don’t forget to check out the other stops!


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13 thoughts on “Sewing For Kindergarten

  1. Oh my….starting SFK with a BANG! Perfection as always from you! I can’t believe you managed to sew from the back side of the neckline and then make it look so good on the front side…..I can barely get my coverstitch stitches on the neckline to look good when I stitch from the front side LOL. And bravo to Henry for choosing awesome colors for his school outfit and I totally love the red topstitching with the red pants. I’m chuckling over the two bus face comparison photos….that’s the best 🙂 Thank you Shelly for starting off this series in such style!

      1. Lol Farrah! Thank you! I need to be better about sewing for my boys…I actually have 3 boys and just the one girl…but little girls are just so much fun to sew for!!!

  2. LOVE those pants!! I made my son some red twill pants last year and love them so much. Love that he picked that out for himself.

  3. I’m so happy to see you join this series. My younger boy was the same, desperate to go to school like his big brother. He looks so excited and the outfit looks amazing on him. I love all the little details you added.

  4. I love his outfit and that you had him choose the fabric for his trousers (one of my favorite trouser patterns ever). I think you must already know that I love your Rowan tee, too. He’s so cute in his mama-made clothes, and so great that he’s enjoying kindergarten!

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