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Hello Kitty Costume


Eeek!  This is the first time I have EVER made a Halloween costume and I’m so excited!  My daughter wanted to be Hello Kitty this year and when I went searching for costumes I wasn’t super pleased with the choices and I kept thinking how easy of a costume it would be to make.  She is super excited about the outcome…she is especially excited that she gets to paint her face 😉

I used the Twig + Tale Wild Things Hooded Scarf and Tails Pattern for the hat and it worked PURR-fectly!!  I made the size 3-5 hooded cowl and I think the fit is perfect.  The pattern comes with 3 sizes of kitty ears and I used the large ear width with the small height to try and capture Hello Kitty’s ears correctly.  I also stuffed the ears a bit to get them standing up nicely.  For the bow, I just cut 2 rectangles a little wider than the base of the ears, rounded off the edges, sewed together leaving a hole, turned, stuffed a little, then I made a little loop for the center and sewed a circle in the middle made with 2 layers of fleece with batting in between…easy peasy.


For the jumper I used the Burdastyle Girl’s Pinafore Dress 10/2016…I have seriously looked for a pattern just like this for so long, so Burdastyle has finally made my dreams come true!  This pattern is written for Sweatshirt fabric, but denim worked perfectly fine!


I made the size 110 (smallest size) and made the kangaroo pocket quite a bit larger but otherwise sewed the pattern as-is…it was super easy and probably took all of about an hour to make this little jumper…I think she’ll get a lot of wear out of it separate from the costume too!




Happy Halloween!

Pattern links:

Twig + Tale Wild Things Hooded Scarf and Tails Pattern

Burdastyle Girl’s Pinafore Dress 10/2016


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