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Divided Dress


These past few months I have been taking a break from sewing and blogging just to focus more on the kids and organizing the house and the holidays, but I made an exception back in early December to test The Divided Dress Pattern by Jennuine Design.  Jennuine Design patterns are top-notch and I love the design of this dress!  I’m a sucker for a unique girls’ knit dress!



The pattern includes 2 styles…the option I chose features kind of a faux raglan color-blocked bodice.  The other option features a plain bodice with shawl collar.  Both options feature an empire waist/A-line skirt combo and a contrasting band at the bottom.

I used a double-sided fabric from JoAnn’s with the striped side showing just at the shoulders and hem.  This fabric is super soft and the pattern is so comfy and nicely fitting, making this one of Lucy’s go-to dresses these days…Lucy is, in fact, wearing this right now!





Jennuine Design also recently released a companion pattern for The Divided Dress called The United Dress…it has the same silhouette but it’s a more basic sleeveless dress without any color-blocking.  The United dress is FREE with a code available within the Sew Jennuine Design Facebook Group  .  Also, once you get the United Dress, it has a coupon code for a discount on the Divided Dress!!!  Go check them both out!

Divided Dress Pattern by Jennuine Design

United Dress Pattern by Jennuine Design


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