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Twig + Tale Upcycle Blog Tour


I am delighted to participate in the Twig + Tale Upcycle Blog Tour.  I haven’t been sewing a ton lately but Twig + Tale has the cutest patterns and I really love to upcycle…makes me feel like I’m making something useful out of something that noone wants anymore…so I just had to take part in this fun challenge!

I have been dying to try out the Pixie Pants Pattern ever since last summer when my mom made Lucy these Pixie Shorts and I was competely in love with them!  The pants are a longer version of a similar style…more like capri pants.  So for this upcycle challenge, I chose the pattern first and then went searching for an appropriate garment to upcycle (I usually do upcycles the opposite way around…find something old that speaks to me, then choose pattern).  I found a men’s linen/cotton shirt at the thrift store that was perfect to use for these little pants.


I wanted to also use the little white buttons from the shirt (I love little white buttons), so I made one small change to the pattern to make the cuffs button on the sides.  I just lengthened the cuff piece by 1 inch total and then left the outer side seam open at the bottom about 2 inches.  Then I sewed the back of the cuff on with the back side starting in an inch + 3/8″ from the edge of the cuff and the front just in 3/8″from the edge of the cuff (which I turned under when I finished the cuffs).  Then I overlapped that back inch over the front and sewed a buttonhole/button.


That was the only minor change I made and I’m so pleased with how these came out!  I will definitely sew this pattern again…and again!  I love the flat front/elasic back and the bubbly nature of these!  Lucy loves how comfy they are and the pockets!



When I was choosing which shirt to pair with these, I went to Lucy’s drawer and picked out a new white t-shirt I recently bought her from Target (she has been outgrowing a lot of her clothes recently).  I love white T-shirts but I wanted to add something special and I remembered that Twig + Tale has the cutest Wildflower Embroidery Collection.  I love how easy-to-follow and thorough the instructions of the Twig + Tale Patterns are so I decided to give the embroidery pattern a try, even though I’m a total beginner at hand embroidery!


These little pink daisies were SO simple…I was super surprised and very pleased with the little touch they add to this shirt!


Now Lucy has one cute little outfit to wear this spring/summer!  Yay!  I have a couple months to crank out some more now!

Check out all the other fabulous upcyclers and their Twig + Tale makes and enter the Rafflecopter to win some fabulous prizes!

Twig + Tale Upcycle Blog Tour

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