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Navy Olympia Dress


The Olympia Dress Pattern just released this morning from Love Notions and I got to test it!  It was a bit rocky since my first fit test was very ill-fitting and I had the thought that the dress might just not be right for me, but WOW I was wrong!  Tami made so many revisions and worked so insanely hard and in the end I was able to get a great fit!  I was having some issues that were unique to me too, though, like the dress was too narrow in the shoulders for me and I had a bubbling at the shoulder that was not on the sleeve piece but just inside the sleeve seam on the main bodice part.  For this final version, I used the final version of the pattern plus I did a wide shoulder adjustment and a sloping shoulder adjustment.  I also added interfacing in the collar and clear elastic in the waist seam, which weren’t required in the pattern.  I actually inserted the interfacing after sewing, so I couldn’t add it to the back collar, but I wish I had as the back collar ended up a hair flimsy.   Looking at these pics, it looks like I may have pulled the clear elastic a bit tight because there is a little wrinkling at the waist.

I found it super challenging to get a good fit with such a stable, not so stretchy, a little thicker knit.  I don’t think I’ve ever made a fitted dress for myself with anything that wasn’t super flimsy, stretchy, drapey, etc…I find those fabrics tend to be easier to fit.  I really wanted to make the dress in something a bit more stable and stiff because of the collar.


Anyhow, in the end, I really love this pattern and want to sew up a few more!  The pattern has tons of options (as do all Love Notions Patterns!)…sleeveless plus several sleeve length options, knee-length or maxi skirt, and tons of cup-size options so you can get a perfect fit without having to do bust adjustments on your own!





Now I just need somewhere fancy to go 😉

Check out the pattern here…it’s on sale for $8 through Saturday (4/1)

Love Notions Olympia Dress Pattern


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