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Purple Barefoot Romper


Honestly, I have never been sure we are hip enough for the harem style, so when The Barefoot Romper by Twig + Tale released, I just wasn’t sure it was for me.  Twig + Tale is one of my favorite brands so I knew it was an awesome pattern, just unsure about the style for us.

A few months ago I bought some gorgeous eggplant colored bamboo jersey from a local store and it is so soft and drapey and I had plans to male myself a skirt, but I ended up using something more structured (and black).  So, I had this beautiful, soft fabric staring at me and Lucy has been really wanting some more “all-in-one’s” aka rompers because she loves her Strawberry Satya from last summer.  So I decided to try The Barefoot Romper Pattern with my nice drapey, soft knit and I am super pleased!!


It’s essential to me in a romper for Lucy that she can get it down and up herself to go to the bathroom herself without any complex closures.  This one totally passes the test!!  The pattern has tons of options but I made the elastic front version with the knee-length elastic hem and the spaghetti straps that tie in the back.  I made a straight size 5, which is the size she measures for and did nothing different to accomodate this super stretchy, drapey knit…the elastic paired with the tie straps works well to pull in!


I really love this style on her…I definitely think she’s hip enough to pull it off and she was so super duper comfy playing at the park on a super hot day in this!!




Check out the pattern here:

Twig + Tale Barefoot Romper Pattern


3 thoughts on “Purple Barefoot Romper

  1. Oooh, I really love this style!! I need to show this to my girl, so I can sew her one to wear this summer. Wasn’t it tricky to sew the straps?

    1. Thank you! The straps were super simple…I just serged them right side to right side and turned with a safety pin. I didn’t close either side, so I had a tube that I was turning. I just knotted the end to finish.

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