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Love Notions Handmade Holiday Blog Tour


I am super excited to be joining the Love Notions Handmade Holidays Tour today!  I am sharing Lucy’s Christmas dress and I must admit I chose the quick & easy way out!  I can whip up a little knit dress so much faster than a woven one…and circle skirts are even faster than gathering…plus knit dresses are easier for me to launder and more comfy for my daughter to wear!


I chose to use the Maggie Peplum pattern by Love Notions, but I added a full circle skirt. The red stretch crushed velvet fabric is from Jo-Ann’s.  I have previously made a Maggie Peplum with a lengthened skirt (see here), but it’s more of a half circle skirt and this time I wanted a bit fuller of a skirt for more twirl-ability!


Adding a circle skirt was super easy…I used this tutorial for how to cut the pattern piece for a skirt that would fit the bodice perfectly, but instead of using “Waist Length + 2 inches” as the circumference in her equation I used the width of the bodice pattern piece  x 4

In my case, the width of the bodice pattern piece at the waist for Lucy’s size 5 measures

6 3/8

waist circumference = 6 3/8 * 4 = 25 1/2

radius = 25 1/2 / 6.28 = 4.06

Then I followed the rest of that tutorial, but instead of cutting one circle with that radius cut 2 half-circles with that radius (so only fold the fabric in half width-wise when you cut but you need to cut 2 pieces).

Note:  I actually made the mistake of taking out the seam allowances and cutting it as one big circle with no seams, so I used waist = 6 * 4 = 24; radius = 24 / 6.28 = 3.82.  This was problematic because the nap of the fabric ended up upside-down in the back…oops!



I love this dress despite my issue with the nap going the wrong way in back!  The Maggie bodice is such a perfect fit!


Lucy is pleased with her dress too!  She couldn’t stop twirling!


I even made the boys come along too to try and get some Christmas card photos…


Happy Holidays!  Don’t forget to check out the other fabulous blogs on tour!

2 thoughts on “Love Notions Handmade Holiday Blog Tour

  1. I can see why your daughter loves this dress so much! Both of my kids prefer knits, and I too love sewing them. The colour is fantastic, besides being very seasonally appropriate it also happens to be my fave colour 🙂 And the twirly skirt, gah, who can resist a twirl factor?

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