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Graduation Dress


Lucy graduated from preschool!  Yay!  I was shocked when she asked me to make her a dress for her graduation (she usually doesn’t want to wear the clothes I make) and I thought she’d forget about it and just wear one of her tutu dresses from OldNavy that she loves so much…until the morning of the ceremony when she came running downstairs excitedley asking where her dress was!  eeek!  The graduation wasn’t until 6:30pm so I told her I would try to get her a dress made and I did!  Just in time!


Her only criteria for the dress was “the twirly-est dress EVER” and I know from past experience that she prefers knit so I decided to make a knit dress with a gathered circle skirt for maximum twirl!  I am a total pattern junkie and the only pattern I know of that has a gathered circle skirt is the Tea Party Dress by Tadah…that’s the part I was unsure about so that’s the pattern I used.  I also love the bodice options included in this pattern and I think I will get my money’s worth out of it!


I modified it a little for knit, just taking out the extra overlap for the placket in the back bodice and cutting it on the fold and also cutting both skirt pieces on the fold.  I also sized the whole dress down 1 size.


For fabric I used was Garden of Dreams Rouge Knit designed by Amy Sinibaldi for Art Gallery Fabrics, which I already had in my stash.  I loved this print when I saw it and I like Art Gallery knit for little knit dresses for Lucy…it has a nice weight and plenty of stretch!



And a bunch more pics of the twirling since that’s really all that matters anyways!



Check out the pattern and fabric here:

Tadah Tea Party Dress Pattern

Garden of Dreams Rouge Knit designed by Amy Sinibaldi for Art Gallery Fabrics

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