Pattern Anthology Make Believe Collection – Imagine Jacket

I was beyond excited to be chosen to test the newest collection by Pattern Anthology called The Make Believe Collection. This is a collection of 4 unisex top patterns – a t-shirt, a button-down shirt, a hoodie, and a bomber jacket. They also have the option to buy it with 4 pants patterns, which is a steal of a deal! These patterns are heavily discounted if you buy the collection, but it’s only available as a collection for the rest of the week! After that the patterns will have to be purchased individually at full price! Since I tested all 4 patterns, I will split this into 4 posts so I can post tons of pictures of each one and not overwhelm you!

The Imagine Jacket was designed by Shauna of Shwin and Shwin and It is so cool…I’m kinda jealous…I wish she would make it in my size! It is a fully lined bomber jacket pattern with 2 different styles…one more classic style and another with some added touches to make it more “girly” looking, like a shoulder pad detail and ruched sleeves! I tested the size 12-18 months for Lucy and I chose the more classic style, but I’m kinda jealous of the ladies that made the other view because they all turned out adorable! Check out the Tester Roundup on the Shwin and Shwin site to see all the other tester versions!


I tried to make mine as light and summery as possible because I have a feeling this baby is going to grow before fall comes 😦 so I thought it would be nice if it were light and she could wear it on cooler summer nights! So, I used a super light denim with white polka dots for the outer and a really really light bright pink ribbing for the lining (which was super flimsy). Because of the flimsy-ness of my fabrics and because I don’t think my interfacing was good enough, my collar looks a little flimsier than I would have preferred! This was my first time making a jacket, though, and other than the collar I’m really really pleased with it! The directions made the 3 welted pockets super duper easy to do and, although I struggled a bit with the zipper because of my inexperience, in hindsight it was actually really easy! I am so excited to make one of these for each of my boys for fall…it’s definitely on my to-do list!



Go check out Pattern Anthology to learn more about the collection and view the Gallery for even more pictures!


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