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Linen Raindance Romper


I recently tested the new Rain Dance Romper by Titchy Threads.  Titchy Threads is one of my very favorite pattern designers…I have made almost all of her patterns and they are just so wonderfully put together!  This romper is no different…I’m totally in love with this!!  I made 1 for testing, and I have made 2 more since testing ended!!!  This one is my favorite, but I will blog about the other 2 later 😉


For this one I used a green linen blend from JoAnn’s.  The pattern comes in sizes Tiny Baby to 4T and has options for short or long pants with or without a snap crotch.  I made this one without the snap crotch.  The pattern has a snap placket down the front but I used buttons on this one instead of snaps.  The pattern also has french seams throughout so the finished result is beautiful on the inside too!


It has a slight racerback, which I love as well!


I also made the Rowan Tee also by Titchy Threads for him to wear underneath using a black/natural striped hemp/cotton fabric.  I am a huge fan of the Rowan Tee…it fits so perfectly and is super quick to sew!


Check out the pattern here:

Rain Dance Romper Pattern

Rowan Tee Pattern


3 thoughts on “Linen Raindance Romper

  1. Your little guy looks ready for all sorts of adventures in his new romper 🙂 Is it easy enough to button up? I am horrified of snaps 9I am not kidding!!!) so want to use buttons instead 🙂

    1. I find it just as easy to button as it is to snap…I didn’t do the snap crotch, so I’m not sure how it would be to button the crotch, but I found the placket to be just as easy to button as a dress on my daughter. He’s at the point in life where he usually needs an outfit change by the time he needs a diaper change anyways, and he’s very non-cooperative with diaper changing, so I think snapping a crotch would be impossible on him 😉 I’m totally with you on snaps…they totally scare me! I actually succeeded putting snaps in the other two rompers though without causing any damage, so I feel like I may have finally beat them!

      1. Yes we go through a change of clothes after every play outdoors and every meal, so I am not going to do a snap crotch either. Besides, less sand inside the romper, and perhaps a tiny little bit warmer too? Thank you for a tip on buttons, I will do them then. I’d rather sew 20 buttonholes then put 1 snap in!

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