Willow & Co. Tester Tour – Kudzu Cargo Pants

Today is a very exciting day, because I finally get to share my photos of a few patterns I tested for Willow & Company’s Wanderlust Collection. This beautiful collection of patterns will go on sale on Tuesday, April 22! I was fortunate enough to be chosen to test 3 of these patterns and I can’t wait to buy the rest next week! I tested the Hawthorn Zip-Up Sweatshirt, the Kudzu Cargo Pants, and the Ash Jumpsuit patterns! I’m separating these into 3 separate posts, so take a look at my other 2 posts!

Ok, so second I tested the Kudzu Cargos Pattern in size 8 (started with 7, but the muslin ended up too snug for my growing boy…oops). Here are the pics…









These are so cool and unique! I love the slanted seam on the front leg and the big unique cargo pocket! Also love the knee darts! I added the pocket at the bottom of the right leg because I wanted something on that leg, but didn’t have enough fabric for another cargo pocket since i used 2 pairs of old pants for these! I also added the eyelets…I love how that turned out!

10 thoughts on “Willow & Co. Tester Tour – Kudzu Cargo Pants

  1. You really did a GREAT job here Shelly. I love your version! Thank you so much for testing.

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