Peekaboo Hoodie


I recently purchased the The Peekaboo Hoodie Pattern by Lil Luxe Collection and had to make it right away ;-). I love how this pattern comes together… the pocket and the seams down the front and the big hood that overlaps in front! I just think it’s all so clever and unique! I also love the way the sweatshirt fits… big enough to get on and off easily, but not so big that it looks huge! The pattern comes with 2 lengths…a waist length or a tunic length. I made the waist length, which I love, but I also love the idea of a tunic length too! The pattern has instructions to make little thumb hole in the cuff, which I omitted (and shortened the cuff a bit), as I think that might have annoyed little Lucy (although, I think my boys would love that!).



The one tiny thing I don’t like is that the hood comes to a point at the front, so I think it looks a bit funny when the hood is up (which Lucy doesn’t like anyways). It looks like a widow’s peak… next time I make it, I’ll try to round that out, I think… not a huge deal, just one little tiny thing that bugged me! Other than that, though, I was super impressed by everything in the pattern!!! Everything fit together perfectly, the instructions were good, and the fit is perfect.






2 thoughts on “Peekaboo Hoodie

  1. Oh so cute! I love the contrasting striped fabric in the pocket and hood. Orange and stripes! What is not to love, right? Also, did you make the skirt? That is adorable too.

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