Wood Mouse Dress

For Christmas, one of the presents I received from my very generous mother and father was a subscription to Ottobre Magazine , a whole magazine filled with beautiful patterns! The subscription includes 4 issues of kid patterns and 2 issues of women’s patterns, plus one past issue… for the past issue, my mom chose the most recent Winter 2014 (6/2014) issue. So when I received it a few nights ago, I was so excited to sew something! The first thing that jumped out at me was The Wood Mouse Dress Pattern, a dress pattern very similar to the Hanna Anderson Playdress, which I love and Lucy has several of!


It’s really difficult for me to get decent modeled photographs of Lucy when it’s so cold outside, so these pics aren’t the best! I used a sweatery knit fabric from Joann’s for this dress.


Here are a couple detail shots…



The sleeves are finished with elastic, which I wish I had cut a bit shorter so they ended up more fitted and gathered… next time!

I will say, I really loved the pattern. I am super picky about pattern pieces fitting together correctly when sewing and having proper notches in the places I need them… and in that regard, this pattern was PERFECT! The instructions definitely aren’t as detailed as any of the PDF patterns I own, and they don’t include step by step illustrations, but I was able to easily follow the instructions given. They were very clear and concise.

I am also happy with the fit of the dress… I made the size 92 and it fits just how I expected it to based on the pictures in the magazine… similar to how the size 90 Hanna Anderson Playdresses fit! I think I would lengthen the sleeves a bit if I make another long-sleeved one.


I tried a new method of gathering with clear elastic (which was how the instructions said to gather the main dress piece into the yoke) and I wasn’t too fond with how my back gathers turned out, but I was much more careful when sewing the front and it definitely looks better than the back!



I can’t wait to sew some more of the Ottobre patterns! Here’s a couple shots of my photography helper trying to lure his sister into the photography zone (aka the only place in our house that has a decent amount of natural light that isn’t a complete disaster!). Sam was helping too, but he had his eyes closed in all of the pics of him!!!




One thought on “Wood Mouse Dress

  1. One of my New Years’ Resolutions is to stop buying so many patterns (it’s so hard to resist!) and to use the ones I have, including my Ottobres, which are jam-packed with great patterns, and I’ve only ever sewn one Ottobre pattern ever! I already have a pattern and fabric picked out for a t-shirt for my little guy Joe (who will only wear knit tops, but look, Ottobre has TONS of knit tops, and a nice amount of variety to keep me from getting too bored), and this might have to be my next knit sew for Maggie. Too cute!

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