New Baby and Ressica Raglan Pattern

Wow, it’s been awhile since I have done any sewing or blogging. And, I have a good excuse…


His name is Noah and he was born on May 1st at 10lb 10oz (big big boy). He is now 11 weeks and he is such an awesome baby, and life has been so great with him, and the other kids are so happy and love him so much! He just started sleeping all night, so I’ve been thinking about slowly getting back into sewing/blogging!

And now there are 4!!!

Anyways, I have done a liiiittle bit of sewing since he was born, but I’m taking it veeerrrrry slow! I have a couple things to blog about that I actually made and photographed before he was born, and this shirt of Lucy’s is one of them!


I tested the Ressica Raglan awhile ago for Craftiness is Not Optional (I’m a big fan of hers!) and I love it (although not as much as her Nessie pattern!). It is a very simple raglan button-down shirt (also includes a dress length) and it was a breeze to sew. The instructions are really good, so I would think even a beginning sewer could make this… although, the buttonholes and shirring at the waist make it a bit more difficult, I suppose. I must, however, confess one thing about this shirt… after a couple wears, I realized the shirring at the waist was bothering little Lucy, so I ended up picking it out. I don’t have any pics of the shirt without the shirring, but she wears it a lot and I think I actually like it better without the shirring.





This pattern makes such a cute little staple for a little girl’s wardrobe!

2 thoughts on “New Baby and Ressica Raglan Pattern

  1. Noah!! He’s adorable, and welcome back!! Your family is so cute. I love the top, too. I’ve seen several versions and I keep thinking “I think I would like it as well/better without the shirring.” I’d like to see how that looks at some point.

    1. Thank you Inder! I posted a picture a couple days ago of Lucy wearing the shirt without the shirring…I like the loose style of it without the shirring and she’s definitely more comfortable in it this way!!

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