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Strawberry Satya


The Satya Romper Pattern by Jennuine Designs is one of my all-time favorite patterns, so when Jennifer announced she was having a #Satyaseason Promotion Contest, I knew I needed to participate!!  Time got the best of me, and I had almost given up, but luckily the Satya goes together really quickly and easily and I was able to squeak one out just in time!!


For this version, I used some strawberry french terry that I have been saving for something really special…it is a lighter weight french terry so it worked perfectly for this and might even make this the perfect pool cover-up outfit!  I made a few minor changes, but cut a size 5, narrowed to a 4 at the shoulders.  I cut the shorts at the longer playsuit length  and used the elastic measurements in the pattern for the size 5.  Here are the modifications I made:

-I omitted the waistband and cut the top longer to account for it, then I sewed the top and bottom together with a 3/4″ seam allowance, top-stitched the seam allowance toward the top and inserted 1/2″ elastic (using the elastic measurement given in the pattern).  I also added a little to the top of the pants to account for the extra seam allowance.

-I omitted the pockets, just cause I was on a time-crunch 😉

-I hemmed it up 1.5″ and made a casing for the elastic up about an inch to create the ruffle at the hem

-I added a little bow at each leg hem and at the waistband

-I used 1/4″ straps (C/L covered elastic), which was a bit thinner than the pattern called for

That’s it!  These were all very simple/minor modifications.







Check out the other entries in The Jennuine Design Facebook Group!

Satya Romper Pattern


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