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Geneva Cardigan Blog Tour


The Geneva Cardigan Pattern (sizes 12mo -14!!)  was released recently by Coffee & Thread.  In testing I made a pink ruffly version so after testing was over, I was eager to make a boy version, since the pattern includes so many options!  I decided to use a thrifted sweater for this one, which had wide ribbing at the hem and sleeves.  I thought it would look cute and be easier to construct to leave the ribbing and just cut out the pattern with the ribbing at the bottom.  I did remove the hem and sleeve allowance before cutting.  For the neckband, I used the pattern piece and the sweater’s existing neckline ribbing, but it was a bit thinner than the pattern piece, so I went with it, but it turned out a little too thin.


I omitted the pockets on this one (the pattern has the cutest pockets with a rounded opening on the side) just so I could sew it quick and since he’s little and doesn’t care about pockets yet.  I also sized up so will be able to wear it for awhile.



Go check out the pattern and the other lovely cardigan’s on tour

Geneva Cardigan by Coffee & Thread

Geneva Cardigan Tester Tour Line-Up:

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