Eleena Dress Pattern Blog Tour



Good Morning!  Today I get to join the Blog Tour for the fabulous Eleena Dress Pattern by Coffee & Thread.  I tested the pattern, so this is my third Eleena (see my post here on my tester versions).  The linen version I made has been one of my favorite things on Lucy Lately!  I love the collar and the pleat and the shape of the dress…the pattern is just perfect and I love that the simple fabric highlights the beauty of the pattern lines.  Here’s a pic in case you missed it (full post here)


I digress…anyways, I wanted to make something different for the tour, so I decided to try making the Eleena in knit.  The weather has been nice here and I’ve been in the mood to sew some outfits for Lucy’s summer wardrobe, so I used the short sleeves.


To accommodate the knit, I cut the seam allowance from the neckline and used a knit ribbing for a binding.  I also omitted the zipper but did leave a little opening in back for ease in dressing.



Other than the knit modifications, the only other change I made was shortening the dress a bit…I tend to like her dresses a bit on the short side.

This dress really has some unexpected twirl to it, which is a huge selling point for Lucy 🙂






I think this dress will get a lot of wear this summer…I’m a little sad to have made this pattern with no collar (because I love it so so much!), but I felt my fabric choice didn’t work well with a collar…I usually don’t pick such busy fabrics, but I tried to step out of my comfort zone for once 😉

The Eleena dress is on sale for $7.00(regular price $9.00) through March 7th, 11:59 EST and Coffee & Thread is also running a giveaway for two patterns of choice and one yard of Sara Jane fabric


Head over to Coffee and Thread to enter and don’t forget to check out the other fabulous participants on the tour…


7 thoughts on “Eleena Dress Pattern Blog Tour

  1. Oh please step out of your comfort zone more often! This dress is gorgeous! Love this fabric. I love it how you try and sew everything in knit! How did you finish the opening at the back? I want to steal this idea!

  2. I love this sweet knit version! I’m always nervous to try knits, but this is just too cute that I might have to give it a go, too. And your little model is so adorable!!

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